Tuition and Fees

Itemized Costs


 Degree bearing credits (per credit)
 Non-degree bearing credits (per credit)

Fee Schedule

 Degree Application Fee (international) $75
 Degree Application Fee (domestic)
 Early Registration Fee (per semester) $75
 Registration Fee (per semester)  $100
 Graduation Fee $60
 Transcript $10
 Assessment Fee for Experiential
 Learning Credit (per credit)

See CALMAT Course Catalog for more fee details. Fees above are non-refundable.

Estimated Costs for Full-time Students

The cost of attending CALMAT for 2013-2014 are listed below. These costs are based on average student expenses for the nine-month academic year.

Full-Time Graduate Student Cost Per Year

Hosted Living Arrangement Living Off-Campus
Tuition* $9,750** $9,750**
Books/Supplies $1,386 $1,386
Room/Board $3,474 $10,710
Misc./Personal $2,520 $2,520
Transportation $816 $1,024
Total $17,946 $25,390

*All fees/tuition are subject to change by the CALMAT Board of Trustees.
**Students who are not receiving scholarships or financial aid pay $325 per credit in tuition charges (up to a maximum of $9750 for the year). Assumes 30 credits per year, students may take more or fewer credits depending on personal learning plan and program requirements.

MBA Program

An MBA from CALMAT is an investment in your future. The current tuition for the complete MBA program is approximately $16,000 (based on a Spring 2013 start) which covers the minimum credits to graduate. This amount may change, depending on the number of electives in which you enroll.