Partners and Sponsors

CALMAT actively seeks partnerships with businesses, foundations, and other institutions of higher education to enhance our teaching, learning, research, and students' career opportunities.

CALMAT Institute Partners**
  • SJTU Extended Education

CALMAT Corporate Partners**

  • Amazon Inc. (via AWS Education program)
  • (via internship and co-op programs) 
  • Lighthouse Global Resources Inc (internship, scholarship and joint research)
  • Microsoft Inc. (via MSDN program) 
  • Olixus Inc (internship, research and joint program promotion)
  • (via e-learning development) 

CALMAT Community Partners**

  • CSIX Connect - (career development)
  • Chinese Society For Future Studies Education and Training Center (Post-doctoral research and international executive seminars)
  • HYSTA (Hua Yuan Science and Technology Association)

Partner Benefits

  • Faculty research and development in the high-tech and management domains.
  • Student interns: well-educated, motivated, goal-oriented CALMAT students can immediately deliver value to you organization and can potentially be key employees in the near future.
  • Certificate and training courses led by industry experts. CALMAT offers a wide variety of training courses in both classroom and online format.
  • Customized MBA or CS degree programs to cohorts of students sponsored by organizations. (Regular admission requirements apply.)

Partners help CALMAT to:

  • Recruit students with high leadership, innovation and entrepreneur potentials.
  • Develop internship and career opportunities in your organization.
  • Provide scholarships and work/study opportunities.
  • Enhance our curriculum and instruction by helping us to educate students in the skills and tools necessary to thrive in the technology industries of tomorrow.

For more information about becoming a CALMAT Partner or Sponsor, please contact us at
**partial list, for complete list of partners, please contact us at