Distinguished Speaker: Dr. Karen Möellering

“Web Analytics: Click 2 Market”

Saturday, March 5th, 12 noon - 1:00 pm

CALMAT, 65 North 2nd Street, San Jose, CA 95113

Ever wonder how Netflix or Pandora can predict what you really like? Whether you are googling the latest fad or you are bidding a must-have item on eBay, you are leaving imprints on the websites you visit that are being exchanged in different slices and dices. This information is used to optimize marketing message content targeted to you. Marketers track and analyze your online behavior to maximize the effectiveness of their messages. If you are looking for a book, you will be presented with advertisements from Amazon.com, or if you are looking to travel to Hawaii, you will find messages from travel sites with great offers. Internet companies collect terabytes of data each day and try to analyze those data in to better serve their customers and advertising clients. Dr Möellering will walk you through how this technology has changed advertising and marketing. She will explain how an internet user receives personalized and optimized messages, and how these messages are designed, while also covering key quantitative methods such as click through rate, conjoin analysis and others.

Dr. Karen Möellering, Head of R&D, IFSA Switzerland

With more than ten years of academic and industry experience in financial services product management, Dr. Karin Möellering has a special interest in applying her strong analytical skills to help startups, and currently mentors for the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco. A consummate professional with a thorough knowledge of international business modeling and financial markets, she is the current Head of Research and Development for the research firm ISFA, Switzerland, where she designed and implemented several research models to enhance their flagship analytical engine, ISFA Equities. Prior to ISFA, Dr. Möellering worked with AZEK (founder of the Swiss Training Centre for Investment Professionals), the University of Cologne, Lycos, McKinsey & Company, as well as Baker & McKenzie. Dr. Möellering earned her PhD in Operations Research from the University of Müenster, Germany; her Masters (Geometry, Mathematical Physics and Analysis) from Oxford University; and completed additional graduate studies at the University of Müenster (Diploma in Mathematics). She received prestigious scholarships from the DAAD for a research stay at the Australian Graduate School of Management, the Irmgard-Ulderup-Stiftung, and the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes; and published several papers in Naval Research Logistics, OR Spectrum, and Kölner Wissenschaftsverlag. Dr. Möellering speaks German, English, French, Italian and Dutch.

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