The Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at CALMAT (The Center) was established to cultivate successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. It offers programs that facilitate creativity, consulting opportunities, mentoring and training, as well as providing a platform for CALMAT students and industry representatives to engage and collaborate. In addition, we proudly to facilitate training opportunities for start-ups including "How to Prepare a Business Case" which includes information on making successful presentations to the venture capital community.

Major Activities of The Center

Distinguished Speaker Series

This speaker series advances CALMAT's educational mission by providing current students and future entrepreneurs opportunities to learn from business leaders and real-world innovators. The Distinguished Speaker Series seeks to ignite and nurture a spirit of entrepreneurship and intellectual exploration. It gives guest lecturers from industry and our partner organizations a platform to discuss their innovative ideas and unique perspectives on business.

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Our mentoring program helps to prepare CALMAT students to achieve their business potential. The program provides an ongoing mentoring partner to students who wish to benefit from their entrepreneurial experience beyond the scope of a single academic term.

Consulting Opportunities

The Center provides consulting services to industry partners. This program is conducted under the expert supervision of our seasoned faculty.

Business Modeling

The Center offers training on business modeling and business case presentation. The experience and insight of  our partners provide current and would-be entrepreneurs the perspectives and tools necessary to construct a compelling value proposition.

Funding (in pipeline)

We plan to leverage our Silicon Valley network to facilitate funding for start-ups.

Coworking Space (in pipeline)

To incubate start-up ventures in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Center will be providing coworking space in downtown San Jose, CA.

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