University Officers

President: Ginger Chen
Provost and Dean of School of Business: Samuel Tong
Director of Marketing and Strategic Communication: Jamie Peña Williams
Director of Recruitment: Vardeep Kaur
Director of Admission and Registration, University Registrar: Yan Zhou
Director of Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Dennis Sahni
Director of Business and Finance: Chiuyen Wu-Tao
Director of Student Advising and GE curriculum: Daniel Shen
Director of Extended Education: Daniel Yao
Marketing Director (China Mainland): Haiyang Zhu
International Program - Operation Manager: Xiaoli Bi
International Program - Academic Manager: Jenny Huang
VP of Human Resources: Dennis Hungridge
Director of Computer Science program: Jian Shi
President of Alumni Association: Belinda Lo (2013-2015)
Coordinator of Public Relations: TBA

Board of Directors

Samuel K. Tong
Lifang Wang
Jerry C. Tang
Vardeep Kaur
Chiuyen Wu-Tao

Independent and Advisory Board Members

Thomas Blood
Brian Ho
Eric Y. Tao
James M. Chiang
Hamid Saadat